We help the world's most exciting companies with SEO and Social Media Marketing.

What We Do

Our focus is quality contentWe partner with and produce content for the world’s most exciting companies. This includes:1. SEO-optimized blogs
2. Whitepapers
3. PPTs and research reports
Two beliefs govern our work. We strongly believe quality content attracts audiences, generates leads, and grows businesses. Today, quality content is currency, and companies are competing to attract audiences.We believe “quality content” lies at the heart of and drives business. It can help you retain and grow a clearly defined audience, driving profitable actions.And this content goes further: our clients can become industry thought leaders and category definers. This may mean going from zero to thousands of engaged followers on LinkedIn or it might mean a mini New York Times site with original research and outstanding writing.

The Team

Originally started as a partnership between Leo and Akshat, we are now a team of 10 analysts, journalists, and graphic designers working across clients and projects.Some of us are in-house, others are freelance. This means we can spin up specialized teams for your needs: you’ll always be working with the best talent in the industry.We work with the likes of Airbnb, Upwork, Digital.com, and McAfee among many other market-leading companies.

Contact Us

Please use the form below to contact us, and we will get back to you shortly. Alternatively, please send us an email: leo@vertex-agility.co


Other clients include: Finny, SaveBetter, and Fairfax.


Other clients include: GoStudent, Career Foundry, dbt Labs and GaggleAmp.


Other clients include: Airbnb, McAfee, and Nanonets.